In short

Dynamon is a cloud-based support system for existing shift schedules, replacing the manual work process of creating basic schedules.
With Dynamon, time is freed up for managers or resource personnel who create schedules, and it ensures the fair distribution of inconvenient shifts among employees.
Instead of finding the ONE schedule manually, Dynamon finds the BEST schedule using artificial intelligence and algorithms.

Creating schedules in Dynamon is based on the following:

  • Specification of how each individual employee should work.
  • Specification of staffing and competence plan.
  • Schedules are generated and provide you with the best possible schedule based on the specifications.

Dynamon ensures that the generated schedule:

  • Complies with the Working Environment Act, central and local agreements between employer and employee organizations.
  • Takes care of individual employee needs, including vacation and absence.
  • Takes care of the need for the right competence at the right time in the department.


Creating schedules in Dynamon

Dynamon simplifies and streamlines the scheduling process.

The points below provide an overview of how you use Dynamon in this work.

Employee specification is easily done in the employee list. Several specifications are pre-filled and can be adjusted per employee. 

The specification is quick, but depends on:

  • Knowledge of individual employee needs.
  • If you have vacation and other absences specified for the entire schedule period.
  • The number of employees in your department.

In the staffing plan, you specify the number of people and competence in the department that must be present to meet the department's daily tasks. 


The specification depends on how well you know the needs in your department in relation to:

  • The minimum number of employees who must be at work at all times.
  • What special skills do you need for different shifts?
  • Variations in staffing throughout the schedule period.
  • The desire for where the flexibility in the department should be set.

When you are ready to generate a schedule, click on "Start generation"; the staffing plan is locked, and a snapshot is taken of the employee settings.

Dette tar fra noen sekunder til maksimalt 12 timer. Du kan logge av PC eller jobbe med noe annet når Dynamon genererer turnusen din. 

When the first schedules are generated, you get a detailed analysis of staffing in the department. 

Adjustments to the employee list or staffing plan can be made even when a schedule is being generated. If you want to test out different schedule models, you can make the changes easily and start a new generation.

What opportunities does Dynamon provide?

  • Never break the Working Environment Act, central and local agreements.
  • Protects the specifications set for employees.
  • Reduces the time it takes to create schedules.
  • Efficient and frees up time for managers or others working with schedules.
  • Provides a detailed analysis of staffing in the department.
  • Simulates different schedule models for decision-making.
  • Reduce part-time.
  • Ensure fair distribution of inconvenient shifts.
  • Health-promoting schedules.
  • Reduce turnover

Security and privacy

Security Objectives

We aim to make privacy and information security a natural part of our company and to integrate it into all processes and solutions. All employees are required to follow the security objectives.

Information processing should comply with applicable laws and regulations. Personal data and other sensitive information should be secured in a secure manner through physical, technical, and organizational measures.

Information security involves protecting all types of information to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This means securing all information, both physical and digital, and all information systems used to process the information. This includes security in ICT systems, components, and services. Privacy is about the right to control one's personal data and the right to privacy.

In our work on privacy and information security, we should always work towards the following objectives:

  • Compliance with applicable laws and guidelines.
  • Processing of personal data should always be based on defined purposes and legal grounds for processing.
  • We should have an overview of which information is processed, and which information systems are used. This should help us understand how critical each individual system and associated information is to the company.
  • We have a duty of confidentiality when processing confidential information and personal data.
  • We are knowledgeable about and conscious of our attitude to information security and privacy.
  • We assess our operations to ensure that information is adequately protected against unauthorized access, changes, and permanent or temporary loss of availability.

Security and Privacy in Dynamon (SaaS)

  • Two-factor authentication for login.
  • Automatic logout.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Internal integrations are end-to-end encrypted.
  • The core solution is isolated from communicating with the outside world.
  • Shift generator does not have access to personal information.

What is the purpose of processing personal data in Dynamon?
Dynamon is a solution for optimized shift scheduling. The solution should consider, and only allow, legal combinations of shifts, employee qualifications, adjustments, and absences within a specific time period. The information ensures that Dynamon assigns the right employee to the right shift at the right time. The name of employees ensures that the correct employee gets the right shift when exporting shift codes to the shift system, but this is not a requirement in the solution.

What is the legal basis for processing personal data in Dynamon?
Processing of personal data takes place under the legal basis of the General Data Protection Regulation Article 6 No. 1 letter b (processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract).

What personal data is processed in Dynamon?
No more personal data is processed than necessary for the purpose.

  • Email address (logged in user)
  • Name (employee)
  • Job type (employee)
  • Job percentage (employee)
  • Special skills (employee)
  • Availability for shifts (employee)
  • Shifts in the schedule (employee)
  • Planned vacation and absence (employee)

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