- Simplifies and streamlines -

the scheduling process

- with artificial intelligence -


Add employees and specify how they should work.

Simple setup

Create shift codes and determine department layouts

Work smarter with artificial intelligence (AI)

Instead of finding the ONE schedule manually, Dynamon finds the BEST schedule using artificial intelligence and algorithms.

Staffing plan

Create a staffing plan and specify how many employees you will have at all times, as well as what expertise you need on shifts.

Analysis of your department

Get a detailed analysis of the challenges in your department.

Planned vacation and absence

Enter vacations and block any shifts that the employee is not supposed to work.

Copy shift codes

Copy shift codes to your system for implementing shifts.

Complies with Labor laws and regulations

Never break the Working Environment Act, central and local agreements.

Simplify and streamline the scheduling process

Let us show you how Dynamon can streamline scheduling for your organization.

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